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We strive to keep the home care experience stress-free for our clients. Below are answers to some common questions about our home care services and caregivers. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 301-816-5020 or email us.

Arranging Service

How do I arrange for home care services?

You can arrange service with a simple phone call to 301-816-5020. We will be glad to speak with you about your needs and how we can help anytime, day or night.

I'm not sure what I need. Can someone help me figure it out?

Too much care can be just as detrimental to the healing process as much as too little care. Our care team starts with a home visit from a RN and assists with determining the amount of care needed for your loved one. SmithLife Homecare has a custom care approach. This means that we build the hours and services around your specific needs and desires—from one day to many, from one task to an ongoing schedule.

When can I call the office to schedule care?

You can call our office at 301-816-5020 at any time. Your care team is on call 24hrs a day, seven days a week. Whether you need emergency services or simply need to change your schedule, we are available to take your call for no additional cost. 

How long will I wait for home care service after placing my request?

We offer a 1-2-3 guarantee! We will begin with a phone assessment to determine the hours and the support the client needs within 1 hour. We will inform you or your family of the name of your caregiver in 2 hours. And within 3 hours, our caregiver will be providing services to you or your loved one.

Do I need to sign a contract with the agency?

Yes, however, our contracts are not binding; you can cancel, increase, or decrease care at any time for whatever reason without penalty.


Do you accept insurance?

Yes. We accept all long-term care insurance plans.

How do I file the insurance claim?

Unlike most home care agencies, SmithLife takes the burden out of having to deal with complicated forms and submission processes by directly doing all of the paperwork for you!

We submit invoices and nursing notes directly to the insurance company so that you can get reimbursed timely.

Scheduling Concerns and Cancellations

How can I change the schedule once it's in place?

To reschedule care, call us at 301-816-5020, at any time. We ask for 24 hours notice when possible to provide you with the most compatible caregiver and to avoid a late fee.

What if my caregiver is unable to work?

Should your caregiver call in sick or have a scheduled day off, we will provide a replacement caregiver, and immediately inform you of who is coming. We strive to make the transitions as seamless as possible.

Our Caregivers

Can caregivers provide transportation, if needed?

Our caregivers can provide transportation to doctor’s appointments, run errands, go to the grocery store, take clients to social gatherings, and any other transportation needs.

What type of screening does the agency perform?

We conduct thorough screenings of all caregivers, including the following:

  • Pre-employment drug screening
  • TB screening
  • Criminal background check
  • Previous employment verification
  • Work references

All of our caregivers are licensed, bonded and insured and must be current on all certifications, including CPR and Certified Nursing Assistant License.

Will the same caregiver assist me every day or will it be somebody different?

We strive for continuity of care. For weekly service, we generally provide one caregiver on Mondays through Fridays, and another caregiver for the weekend. This also depends on the hours requested.

How can I be sure the aide sent is competent?

In addition to being licensed by the state as a certified nursing assistant, we require all of our caregivers to maintain a valid CPR certification. When we hire our caregivers, they attend a 5 hours class with our Director of Nursing, they take a quiz and receive other Dementia, Kosher, and SAGE training.

Our caregivers also are required to attend an annual minimum of 12 hours of in-service education in our office.

Client Services & Case Management

How often will someone from your home care agency call to see if I am satisfied with the services provided to me?

The answer is as often as needed to make sure everything is to your complete satisfaction. We check on new clients weekly, and we call ongoing clients every 30 days, or more often if there is an illness, a hospitalization, or other concerns.

Our Registered Nurse personally visits all clients every 90 days for the full length of care.

How long will it take someone to return my call after business hours?

Most of the time, the phone is answered every time you call. On a rare occasion, your call cannot be answered; someone will return your request within 30 minutes.

Will you coordinate my care with my support team?

Absolutely! We gladly coordinate your care with doctors, social workers, case managers and others, as well as family members, powers-of-attorney, and any other important people you designate.

Will my services be kept confidential?

Maintaining privacy and confidentiality is essential to us. All of our employees are trained and abide by HIPPA laws.

Still have questions about home care services?

No problem.

Email us or call 301-816-5020.

Their motto seems to be ‘we're here for you’ and she truly lives that philosophy every day.

Curtis L., Rockville, MD

In the two and a half years Faustina has been my sister’s aide she has demonstrated unwavering kindness, patience, and professionalism. She gives 150%, every day. I live out of state and it’s a comfort knowing Faustina is there, making sure my sister’s needs are met. She keeps me in the loop; calls my sister on her days off, just to check in. She understands my sister’s special needs and has the remarkable ability to listen and “hear” her. Faustina makes her laugh and smile, even under the most difficult of circumstances. Without her support my sister would not have the quality of life she enjoys. Faustina is our gem!

Mora H.

Thank you for the magical help you provided to my Hebrew Home client on Christmas Eve.

Susan L., Geriatric Care Manager

Just as valuable to me as her nursing skills was her ability to provide me with companionship during my recovery.

Claire G., Bethesda, MD

I can finally sleep and his caregivers, Melissa and Cecilia couldn't be more wonderful. They are genuinely caring, kind, nurturing, smart professionals who have my dad's best interests at heart! I am grateful to all of you!

Deb Y., Rockville, MD

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Find additional information about our services and caregivers in our brochure.


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Find additional information about our services and caregivers in our brochure.

For immediate assistance please call 301-816-5020. By submitting your information, you allow SmithLife Homecare to contact you.

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