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A Guide to Growing Older at Home

During the golden years, the familiarity of one’s own home significantly enhances well-being. The concept of aging in place is about spending your later years in a place rich with memories. Aging in place offers more security and comfort. At SmithLife Homecare, we recognize the importance of this life stage. Our services are crafted to support the elderly with a blend of professionalism, warmth, and care, enabling them to preserve their independence while ensuring their health and safety are addressed with dignity and compassion. Discover the benefits of our aging in place services!

What Is Aging in Place?

Aging in place means remaining in your own home or community in later years instead of moving to age-specific housing. This choice allows for consistency in one’s social connections, daily routines, and physical environment. However, it may also present some challenges as one’s needs change over time. We understand this challenge at SmithLife Homecare, and our team provides support that enables aging individuals to enjoy their autonomy without compromising on wellness or safety.

How Do We Support Aging in Place Challenges?

When it comes to aging in place, we know the challenges associated with the concept. To combat these challenges, our team offers various types of support for you or your loved one to ensure a higher quality of care. Explore how we support those in aging in place:

  • Local Transportation to Doctor’s Appointments: Mobility should not be a barrier to maintaining good health. Our caregivers ensure that appointments are kept and health management remains a priority by providing reliable transportation to and from medical visits.
  • Companion Care: Whether it’s assistance with daily tasks around the house or simply the need for a companion to share moments with, our caregivers are here to provide warmth and company, fostering a caring and supportive environment.
  • Facilitating Digital Communication: In a world where technology bridges gaps, ensuring our elders are connected to their loved ones is crucial. We assist with digital communications, making it easier for you to video call your family, message friends, or consult with healthcare providers online.
  • Guidance with Light Exercise and Recreational Activities: Staying physically active is essential at any age. Our caregivers encourage and assist with light exercise and recreational activities to keep both the body and mind active, contributing to overall health and happiness.
  • 24/7 Care Available Upon Request: For those who need round-the-clock assistance, we offer 24/7 care options to ensure peace of mind and the highest level of care for our clients and their families.

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What Makes Us Different?

At SmithLife, we offer differences in our care that set us apart from others. Our team understands that this life transition can be difficult, and we want to ensure our customers that their loved ones are well taken care of. Explore some of our differences that you can benefit from:

  • Our team tries to empower the elderly to lead their lives on their terms with dignity and respect. We empower them by recognizing the importance of autonomy in enhancing their quality of life.
  • SmithLife offers more than just healthcare. We provide companionship, support, and unwavering care, creating an environment where the elderly feel valued and cared for beyond their health needs.
  • Our aim is to tailor services to meet each client’s unique needs, understanding that personalized care is key to addressing the individual challenges and preferences of the elderly.
  • We ensure that our team provides timely medication reminders, assistance with daily activities, and a listening ear. Because of this, we ensure that the elderly are medically supported and emotionally nurtured.
  • Our team supports the personal decision to age in place with a compassionate partner, making the golden years as comfortable and fulfilling as possible by providing the necessary care and companionship.

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When Should I Consider Aging in Place Services?

Deciding when to opt for aging in place services is a pivotal step in ensuring that the latter years of one’s life are lived with dignity, comfort, and independence. This decision might come into consideration under several circumstances. Consider the following as you choose whether or not these services are for you:

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Increasing Difficulty in Daily Tasks

When routine activities, such as cooking, cleaning, or personal care, become challenging, it might be time to consider aging in place services.

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Health and Mobility Changes

The onset or worsening of health conditions that affect mobility, memory, or overall functionality can indicate the need for professional support at home.

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Safety Concerns

Frequent falls, missed medications, or a fear of being alone are signs that additional help is needed to ensure safety and well-being.

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Social Isolation

A noticeable reduction in social interaction, loneliness, or depression due to the inability to connect with others can be alleviated with companion care services.

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Caregiver Stress

When family members or friends providing care experience burnout, stress, or health issues of their own, it might be time to seek the support of professional caregivers.

Experience Compassionate Support with SmithLife Homecare

For more information or to start a conversation about how we can support your aging in place journey, please reach out to us at SmithLife Homecare. Your well-being is our priority, and together, we can ensure that these years are filled with comfort, joy, and dignity.

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We've hired three companies in the past and this was the best. Much better prices, easier to work with and the caregivers were all very nice.

Martha E.

We had an older family member coming in town for a wedding and worked with SmithLife to make sure she had a professional caregiver for several days while in the area. From initial contact through my family member's departure from DC, our experience with SmithLife was top notch.

Derek M.

In the two and a half years Faustina has been my sister’s aide she has demonstrated unwavering kindness, patience, and professionalism. She gives 150%, every day. I live out of state and it’s a comfort knowing Faustina is there, making sure my sister’s needs are met. She keeps me in the loop; calls my sister on her days off, just to check in. She understands my sister’s special needs and has the remarkable ability to listen and “hear” her. Faustina makes her laugh and smile, even under the most difficult of circumstances. Without her support my sister would not have the quality of life she enjoys. Faustina is our gem!

Mora H.

I enjoyed and would recommend this company for the home care of my parent who needed care after a stroke. When I spoke to Renan he was pleasant and understood my needs, answered all questions and the flexibility of the schedule was a plus.

Serene W.

Thank you for working so hard to find the perfect male caregivers for this weekend, on such short notice.

Dr. R., Rockville, MD

Committed and excellent health aids

Jeffrey C.

I had a superb experience with SmithLife Homecare. They instantly accommodated 2 doctor mandated schedule changes without raising a fuss. I recommend SmithLife Homecare to everyone.

William G.

I have been highly impressed with the quality and reliability of the SmithLife staff. The managerial staff have been very responsive, and customer-oriented. Their aides show up like clockwork.


We have had support from Smithlife for the past few years to care for our Mother at her independent living facility. They have been very good to work with, always meeting our needs, especially on very short notice, and their caregivers have been excellent. The administrative staff has always been available and very responsive to any requests we would have, day or night, and made sure the needs of my Mother were always their priority.

Steve K.

When my Mother passed out, her aide from SmithLife immediately performed CPR, and saved her life!

Tracey S., Clarksburg, MD

SmithLife Homecare was a great help to me when I needed to get my 84-year old mom to and from a doctor appointment. All the team members were super-responsive, extremely helpful and reassuring. The employee who actually picked up my mom and drove her was prompt, warm and friendly, and made my mom feel completely at ease. It was a great service, and I'll definitely be using them again.

Andrew L.

We recently started having SmithLife aides, and we are so pleased with both the caring of the aides and the dedication of the other SmithLife staff to helping us as much as they can. They take care of administrative details and are very responsive to any additional needs we have.

Barbara W.

Wonderful experience! My father received excellent care and my family and I received incredible personal service. Everyone was warm, knowledgeable and easy to work with during a difficult time.

Beth H.

The caregivers at SmithLife Homecare have been consistently friendly and helpful to my relative, and the staff has also been professional and helpful to me as we figured out the right level of care together.

Wendy S.

SmithLife went above and beyond our expectations. Not only do they have a large pool of caregivers, they were able to fill our needs in 6 hours or less with qualified and very caring people.

Jeanne K.

Choosing a Service Plan

Choose the plan that’s right for you—hourly, daily or a la carte. Our caregivers are available when and where you need them, whether in a health care facility or in your home. If you are a resident of Charles E. Smith Life Communities, be sure to ask us about our Independence Plus! services.

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