5 Forms of Entertainment for an Elderly Person Self Isolating

If you have an elderly family member who is self-isolating or shielding themselves due to COVID-19, it can be troubling to think of how lonely or bored they might become, especially if they live by themselves. Therefore, finding new ways of providing them with entertainment that they can use is at the forefront of many people’s minds.

From old-fashioned pastimes such as crosswords to more modern forms of home entertainment in the shape of online streaming, these five activities are easy to encourage elderly relatives to do while confined to their homes.


Depending on their location – some areas have a higher rate of infection than others – and their wellbeing – if they have been identified as high-risk due to pre-existing health conditions, for instance – some seniors will need to self-isolate or shield themselves from Coronavirus.

If this is the case, finding ways to help them entertain themselves rather than watching standard television shows or listening to the radio is crucial. Loneliness is high in the US, and occupying the mind is a useful distraction.

· Puzzle Books

Puzzle books containing crosswords, word searches, and sudokus are fantastic tools for keeping boredom and loneliness at bay, while also keeping the brain active and exercised. In terms of social distancing and isolation, they are also incredibly easy to purchase for elderly relatives as they can be posted through a letterbox or left on a doorstep.

· Baking

Many elderly people have baked since they were children, although there will be some who let the passion for it burn out and have not picked up a bowl and a wooden spoon in too long. Dropping off baking ingredients at their door with a cookery book is a loving gift to somebody self-isolating and will bring back childhood memories.

For the elderly who can get out and buy their own ingredients but who need a little help, home care services can accompany them throughout the day, providing transportation into town if necessary.

· Old Toys

Some toys never go out of fashion. Puzzle toys such as jigsaws and Lego models are exceptionally handy for an elderly person looking for a long-term project that also provides them with entertainment. These could be ordered online to be delivered to their door or, if you have some already, dropped off at a distance.

· Streaming

Teaching elderly relatives how to use modern entertainment services such as the internet and smart televisions is a remarkably useful lesson, especially in times of potential boredom or restriction.

Tiny, portable devices are available that plug straight into TVs providing the user with access to subscription services such as Netflix, Amazon Video and more. Old shows, new originals and classic films will be at the fingertips of your relative in no time.

· Video Calls

Finally, add a personal touch to how you stave off boredom and loneliness for your elderly relative by setting them up with a way of video calling you via Skype or Zoom. This will allow them to call you if they need help with something or simply if they want to have a chat with their family.

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