Benefits of Outsourcing Facility Staffing

Facility Staffing Made Easy with Trusted Caregivers in Montgomery County, MD

Providing care and support to seniors is a rewarding job, but it can also be challenging. It requires a team of dedicated and skilled staff who can provide adequate care at all times. However, finding and retaining the right staff is often difficult, especially in a highly competitive labor market. You have to contend with employee burnout, illness, and vacation time to provide an exceptional experience for both your team and your residents. Fortunately, SmithLife Homecare can help. We work with senior and post-op facilities to offer outsourced staffing solutions. Discover how outsourcing your staffing department can have a positive impact on your facility.

Get the Specialized Expertise Your Residents Need

What does your facility specialize in? Over the years, we’ve worked with several kinds of caregivers, from elder care experts to homecare providers. The long and short of it is that every facility is different and has varying staffing needs. By outsourcing the staffing process, you can find specialized expertise without any hassle. You increase your chances of building a qualified team of professionals to enthusiastically provide the right type of care. Ask our staffing team about finding talent in the following specialties:

Meet Ever-Changing Demands

Like many other industries, the caregiving field is changing rapidly. As the U.S. population ages and many families prefer to keep their loved ones at home, care facilities need to keep up with new trends. Luckily, outsourcing your staffing methods can help you meet these fluctuating demands. Now, you can quickly adjust your workforce to accommodate changing needs within a short amount of time. Your team will be able to focus on providing exceptional patient care in a changing landscape rather than stressing over staffing issues.

Free Up Human Resources

The human resources department wears many hats, especially in a senior care facility. Unfortunately, many of these departments get bogged down during the staffing process. Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training eat up weeks of time, and employee turnover can make the entire process feel like it just isn’t worth the trouble. But when you choose to outsource your staffing matters, your HR team can use their skills for other, more strategic purposes. Here’s what your HR professionals could be doing instead of dealing with recruiting and staffing:

  • Training and development
  • Maintaining a positive work environment
  • Resolving employee conflicts and concerns
  • Improving compensation and benefits
  • Managing legal compliance
  • Assessing performance and providing feedback
  • Promoting employee wellness

Access the Latest Recruiting Technology

When we think of technology, we usually picture a brand-new computer or the latest iPhone model. But technology is advancing in areas beyond communication. The care industry has seen massive growth because of technology, and SmithLife Homecare strives to use those advances to improve staffing. When you outsource, you’ll have instant access to new tools for sourcing, assessing, and managing candidates. This can make the hiring process much easier and quite a bit faster as well. You’ll have the power to fill crucial roles quickly with the knowledge you’re using the most effective methods to identify top candidates.

Open Doors to a Larger Talent Pool

No matter the role you’re hiring for, there are dozens of qualified candidates out there! The issue? You may not have access to those candidates—they could be outside your typical hiring area, or they may be working in a different industry altogether. By choosing an experienced facility staffing company to help, you’ll see new and unique resumes coming into your organization. Access to a larger talent pool means you may be able to gain an edge on the competition, as you’ll be hiring from diverse backgrounds. We can help you find qualified individuals with these backgrounds to join your team:

  • Nursing
  • Nurse Assisting
  • Nutrition
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Geriatric Nursing Assistants
  • Certified Nursing Assistants
  • Home Health Aides

Don’t Stress About Last-Minute Call-Outs

Last-minute call-outs are a reality in the caregiving space. But just because they’re common doesn’t mean they don’t throw you for a loop and ruin your daily plans. However, facilities that use outsourced staffing don’t need to stress about employees calling out sick at the last second. Whenever you have an urgent need, your staffing partners at SmithLife Homecare will make every effort to cover the vacancy. In addition to covering call-outs, outsourced staffing helps to mitigate risk in general. The senior care industry has a high turnover rate and is particularly susceptible to market fluctuations. By outsourcing your staffing operations, you can ensure your facility is well-maintained even when staff retention is low.

Save Money in the Long Run

Running a senior care or post-op facility quickly gets expensive. Paying for things like room furnishings, meals, and administrative systems all stack up and can leave your organization in the red. If you’re looking to save money in the long run, consider outsourcing staffing. This cost-effective solution means you’ll spend less money on recruitment, training, benefits, HR administration, and much more. Plus, staffing can be done on short notice without slowing down operations. What will you do with the money you save? Here are just a few ideas:

  • Offer a New Service: Do you wish you could accommodate more clients at your facility? With the money you save on staffing, consider adding new services to your roster. Maybe now you have the funds to offer memory care, or perhaps you can provide consistent transportation to residents.
  • Increase Compensation: Well-paid employees are happy employees, and compensation increases are always good for morale. If you’re saving on the hiring process, it makes sense to put that money back into your valued team members.
  • Start a Community Engagement Program: Community engagement is huge for senior centers, but it can be expensive to get these programs off the ground. Use your new-found cash to pay a community engagement manager, host lifelong learning courses, or simply provide family dinners.
  • Revamp Your Landscaping: Seniors deserve to spend their retirement at a beautiful locale. Enhance your property’s curb appeal with lush grasses, towering trees, and blooming flower patches.

Focus on What You Do Best

The best part of outsourcing staffing? You get to focus on what you do best. Instead of pouring time and energy into recruitment and hiring, you can spend that time offering outstanding care to your clients. Focusing on your primary area of expertise leads to increased employee satisfaction and better outcomes for residents. In the long run, you may also experience a boost to your reputation in the community!

SmithLife Homecare Is Your Partner in Staffing

Outsourcing is an excellent move for elder care facilities and caregivers who want to ensure the continuity of their operations. It’s cost-effective, provides specialized expertise, and reduces the burden on in-house HR. Additionally, outsourcing provides access to the best technology, attracts a larger pool of applicants, and saves you the hassle of dealing with last-minute call-outs. SmithLife Homecare is excited to help you reap all these benefits and more with exceptional facility staffing services. Contact us today to learn more.

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