What Makes A Great Caregiver

Key Qualities of an Exceptional Caregiver

You want what’s best for your family and when it comes to aging parents or aging elder family members, that means the best possible care. And when you are seeking the best possible care for them, that means finding wonderful caregivers.

So what attributes are important to consider when choosing that special caregiver? SmithLife Homecare knows everything there is to know about the best home care. Here are our top ten characteristics of a wonderful caregiver!

  1. Certification and Credentials

Before meeting and interviewing a caregiver for your family member, you will want to make sure that the caregiver has an education in caregiving. That means they will come with degrees, certifications, and credentials that prove they’re capable of caring for another person, administering medications, etc.

  1. Good References

A great caregiver will come with good references. This means they also have experience caring for others. Before hiring a caregiver, make sure that you have spoken with someone for whom they’ve provided care.

  1. Compassion

A good caregiver will be compassionate. Someone who cares for others should be a caring person who has empathy and a loving spirit. People who need care can be going through stress and the anxiety that comes with having health issues and getting older. The care receiver will need support and unconditional care.

  1. Physical Fitness

A qualified caregiver needs to be a person who is physically fit and active. A caretaker should be able to assist your loved one in remaining physically fit. They should also be able to help lift people, help them with physical therapy, and get them in and out of a car or in and out of beds and chairs. Physical fitness and strength are two very important attributes in a caregiver.

  1. Great Communication Skills

A great caregiver is a great communicator. You will want to be made aware of any changes that are occurring regarding your loved one’s health or daily habits. When you hire a good caregiver, you can rest assured that you are provided with all the information you need to know about their well-being.

  1. Good Judgment

A caregiver will be alone with their care receiver through many important episodes.  This means that they will be responsible for decision making in a split second. A caregiver should be someone who has good judgment so that they will be able to make these decisions in an instant. This is one of the most important qualities in a caregiver.

  1. Flexibility

Caring for people means having a certain degree of flexibility. Things change every day. Particularly when someone is aging or when someone is in poor health, things will be very likely to change from moment to moment. There will be emergencies. There will be incredibly slow days. There will be fast paced, rapidly changing days and episodes. A caregiver needs to be someone who can adhere to a certain level of routine, while allowing for flexibility as well.

  1. Keeping Calm in the Face of Trauma

There is something to be said for keeping your cool during traumatic events that is a very important quality in a caretaker. When health issues are involved, there will likely be upsetting situations. There will be changes in health conditions, possible falls, and emergency assistance needed. A good caregiver will be someone who can remain very calm when emergent situations arise.

  1. Maintaining Confidentiality

Your family and your loved ones deserve their privacy, and you need to have someone who maintains that privacy. A good caregiver will hold that confidentiality in the highest regard. It could be very potentially serious if the caregiver shares information about your beloved family member with others. From robberies to HIPAA violations, you will want to make very sure that the caregiver you hire for your family member is an expert in keeping information confidential.

  1. A Passion for Caregiving

Ultimately, you want your family member to be cared for by someone who is passionate about what they do. When we are talking about care, it should go hand in hand with love and warmth. Someone who is passionate about what they do will be a wonderful caretaker for your family.  They will show creativity when dealing with the day-to-day issues that caregiving can bring. They will be compassionate, loving, and very sensitive about issues that their care receiver is experiencing.


The job of caregiver is one that needs to be filled by a person who will do everything in their power to provide the best possible care for their care receiver. There are many qualities that make a caregiver good at what they do, but here’s the bottom line. If you are hiring a caregiver, please make sure that they have gone through rigorous vetting and that you have multiple references to know that you are hiring someone who is well-qualified. If you are a caregiver yourself, it will be important that you make sure you have these qualities before entering the workforce. Great caregivers are wonderful to find, and they are very special people.

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