Your Care Team Needs a Certified Dementia Practitioner for Senior Home Care

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SmithLife Homecare has four Certified Dementia Practitioner’s (CDP’s). From left to right, Renan Augusto, Kathleen McGuinness, Carla Bundick and Le’ Aira Gonzalez (not in the picture) are CDP’s.


Dementia, from Alzheimer’s or some other cause, can have a devastating impact on the quality of life of the individual as well as their family and friends. Memory or other cognitive loss is generally progressive, and the various stages bring challenges that can be confusing or overwhelming. Specific training is a fundamental requirement for any caregiver tending to the progressive needs of a person with dementia to permit that person to have the safest and highest quality of life possible. A Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) is a crucial member of the care team for a person with dementia living at home.

Specialized Training for Professionals

CDPs are individuals who have received specialized training and certification in dementia care. The certification is typically obtained through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP) in the United States. To get a CDP certificate, the person has to take an 8-hour course, and then apply for the credential. The program typically includes training in various aspects of dementia care, including communication techniques, behavior management, activities planning, and understanding the emotional needs of individuals with dementia. After completing the required training, individuals must pass an examination to earn the certification.

The role of a CDP is to provide care and support to individuals with dementia and their families. Their training provides them with an essential understanding of dementia, including its symptoms, progression, and impact on individuals’ cognitive and functional abilities. They are trained to implement strategies to manage challenging behaviors and create supportive environments for individuals with dementia.


Benefits of Using a CDP for Senior Home Healthcare

Having a CDP as part of the team caring for an elderly person living at home with dementia can offer several benefits for individuals and their families. Some of the key advantages include:

Expertise in Dementia Care:

CDPs have specialized knowledge and training in dementia care. They understand the unique challenges and needs associated with the condition, allowing them to provide targeted and effective care.

Behavior Management:

Dementia often presents with behavioral symptoms like agitation, confusion, and aggression. CDPs have the expertise to implement strategies and techniques to manage and reduce challenging behaviors. They can help create a calm and supportive environment that minimizes triggers and enhances the individual’s overall well-being.

Communication Skills:

Effective communication with individuals with dementia is essential for maintaining their dignity and understanding their needs. CDPs are trained in communication techniques tailored to the cognitive abilities and limitations of individuals with dementia.

Support for Families:

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be emotionally and physically demanding for families. CDPs can provide guidance, education, and support to families, helping them navigate the challenges of caregiving. They can offer coping strategies, caregiver training, and access to additional resources.

Aging in Place:

By hiring a CDP for senior home health care, individuals with dementia can receive consistent and continuous care in the familiar and comfortable environment of their own homes. This can help reduce anxiety and confusion associated with changes in surroundings, leading to improved overall functioning.


The team at SmithLife Homecare includes CDPs. These specialists can offer an extra level of service and security as part of the elder home healthcare for an individual with dementia. The free assessment can help allow the individual to continue to live at home. If you or a loved one is considering living at home with dementia, contact us to learn more about our free assessment, our customized services, and the CDPs who make up part of our team.


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