Comprehensive Assistance for Disabled Elderly

It is very difficult for disabled adults to survive daily life . They have a very different life from us that we could never imagine. They face a lot of challenges in their daily life and go through a continuous struggle to live without being dependent. They also long for the same opportunities as people without disabilities. The most common disability among older adults is that they are unable to move, which causes difficulties in walking and climbing stairs. In these serious situations, they require special care and assistance to live comfortably.

Types of Disabilities in Disabled Elderly

It has been decided under the American Disability Act (ADA), 1990 that every older adult with disabilities should get equal housing opportunities at every level, be it state or local. This is why home care agencies in Maryland has increased rapidly. While a large number of disabilities are invisible to the naked eye, it’s almost impossible to recognize all the different disabilities. It mostly comes down to four types of disabilities that affect people in different ways:

  1. People with Physical disabilities have problems physically, mainly in terms of mobility.
  2. Sensory disabilities deals with different problems such as loss of eyesight and hearing.
  3. Mental illnesses can strongly impact people’s thoughts and mind states.
  4. Problems in communicating, learning and looking at information differently would relate to Intellectual disabilities.

Mainly, people with the first two conditions that are physical as well as sensory disabilities require assisted living housing facilities.

Different types of Assisted Living Facilities

Since the ADA act was passed, older people with disabilities have gotten a better life because these facilities have ramps, handrails and elevators to improve mobility efforts. With a view to providing a comfortable living house for disabled seniors, there are different types of home care agencies in Maryland such as:

  1. Assisted living communities that support older adults that want to live independently in a small space that includes a kitchen as well as a private living space. The cost of such living environments is between $2,500 to $4,000.
  2. The adult family home is also considered as a residential care home where people get to live with other seniors to for a more homely atmosphere. Some care-givers stay with them to help with all the daily things in a hassle-free manner. The average cost of this arrangement sits between $1500 and $4,500, which may increase or decrease depending upon their special care needs. 
  3. Traditional nursing homes have the same advantages as assisted living communities. Also, they provide skilled nursing care in a comforting, supportive environment. They also offer private and semi-private dormitory living systems. If needed, you also have the option to choose  apartment-style living arrangements. This type of care includes assisted living as well as skilled nursing, which can range on average between $2,500 and $8,000.
  4. Skilled nursing facilities are for people with high medical conditions. These people require constant medical treatment as well as rehabilitative care. They impart the best nursing facilities using proficient and licensed staff. These advance-skilled nursing facilities ensure excellent private as well as semi-private rooms. The cost is between $4,000 to $8,000 in which the customer’s satisfaction is at the utmost highest level. Not only this, with Smith Life home care’s intensive nursing facilities, the disabled patients are provided with the best compassionate care.
  5. Special Needs Trust Ownership of a Home which is managed by a reputable trustee for their beneficiary. Such an arrangement could be helpful to get amazing homecare services within the stipulated time frame. All the residents would receive payments for simple things like caregiving services etc. ensuring that the patient lives perfectly independently. This home ownership accommodates different budgets. The patients give advance payment to live in special care and hire a personal caregiver. If you hire a caregiver, the cost can range from $20 to $40/hour.

Best Ways To Find the Perfect Agencies Near You

It is very simple to find different homecare agencies nearby with the following resources:

  1. The online assisted living directory helps to locate other elderly home or assisted living facilities in the nearby area.
  2. The senior helpline is a toll-free number that helps seniors and caregivers learn more about senior living services.
  3. Eldercare Locator is a public service connecting you to the services for senior citizens and their families.
  4. Area Agency on Aging helps with different work and daily living activities
  5. Local rural development officers assist in rural areas
  6. Volunteers of America provides housing and support for people with disabilities
  7. Senior Care Specialist and Elder Care Specialist are there to solve any issues relating to older adults, including housing facilities.

Opt for these tools for comfortable Senior Living

There are some assistance devices which help disabled seniors live more independently. Devices like walkers or canes are used by disabled people to walk or to support the body while remaining in an upright position. These assistive devices improve the quality of life and give a sense of independence. There are some assistive devices which can be easily used at home

  1. Products for voice recognition
  2. Doorknock signalers for the people experiencing difficulties in hearing
  3. Large display clocks or large print keyboards for people with visual disabilities
  4. Help with putting on clothes
  5. Use of Modified Keyboards such as LUCY
  6. Computers that provide assistance
  7. Apps making phone calls or touch-free devices
  8. Robotic vacuums and mops to clean the floor with less effort

Some Final Words

Along with these home care agencies in Maryland, there are other resources providing housing for Disabled and Handicapped Seniors like National Organization on Disability, Technical Assistant Collaborative etc. They all help people with disabilities in different ways by giving technical support and reducing costs associated with housing to provide a more independent and beautiful life. Smith Life Homecare is the best homecare that aids disabled individuals with the ultimate services that benefit their future in the best way.

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