Fall Prevention and Bathroom Safety

According to the National Council of Aging, “More than 75% of falls take place inside or in close proximity to the home, but your home doesn’t have to be an obstacle course of potential falls.” A room in the house that is common for a slip or fall, is the bathroom. Aging adults can prevent falls and subsequent injuries by making the bathroom safer and taking precautions. See a few tips below to consider.

Grab Bars

Anchored Grab bars are a great tool for bathroom safety as they provide two different functions. They act as an emergency in a fall and can help the aging adult brace or catch themselves before falling to the ground. They also give them something to grip as they move out of the bathtub or off of the toilet.

Slippery Surfaces

Because there is water present in the bathroom, there is an increased risk of slips and falls. Tub mats keep the inside of the shower a safer place by giving the shower or tub a rougher, less slippery surface. The non-slip or non-skid tape is also a good option for this.

The floor in the bathroom can become wet and slippery when exiting the shower and can be fixed by a bathmat. Make sure it is slip-proof but don’t create a tripping hazard for the aging adult.


If you are able to change or choose different features in the bathroom, things like walk-in showers and raised-height toilets or vanities make it much more easily accessible. Commonly used items should be within reach while in the shower and other areas of the bathroom. Items should not be stored loosely on the ground as this can cause a tripping hazard and make it harder for the aging adult to get around.

 Other Safety Tools to Consider:

  • Better lighting
  • Grip tape for grab bars
  • Shower chair
  • Handheld shower head so they don’t have to stand the whole time
  • Anti-slip treatment for bathtub

At SmithLife Homecare, home safety is a top priority. A Certified Home Safety Expert will come to your home and provide a free assessment. We use smart technology powered by ClearCare to create a customized home care experience for our clients. Watch the video below to learn more.

Call us to discuss home safety at 301-816-5020 for Montgomery County, MD, or 202-221-7503 for Washington, DC locations. As a reminder, we are vaccinated and taking precautions to keep our clients safe.

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