Friendship Heights, A Naturally Occurring Retirement Community

SmithLife Homecare Opens an Office to Meet NORC Needs

SmithLife Homecare prides itself on being one of the premier home care service providers in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. Concentrating in Northwest DC and Montgomery County, Maryland, SmithLife Homecare has recently opened an important satellite office in Friendship Heights. A big thank you to the Greater Bethesda Chamber of Commerce for hosting our Grand Opening. From this location, we will offer home care services with the focus and flexibility called for by the community.

Friendship Heights NORC

A Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) designation identifies geographic areas that may have heightened needs for services. Unlike a planned community, where infrastructure includes important considerations like proximity to healthcare and transportation, a NORC develops in locations that have some desirable traits, but they still require special considerations for the aging population.
The Friendship Heights community has one of the highest concentrations of older adults in Maryland, due in large part to several high-rise residential buildings. These residences are close to shopping, medical care, and other amenities of downtown Friendship Heights, which makes them an ideal place to age in place comfortably. Residents are choosing to remain in their homes instead of moving to retirement communities, and new buyers are in the older demographic as well.

Rising to Meet the Need

The Friendship Heights NORC has the ordinary home care needs of aging adults, which SmithLife Homecare is excited to fulfill by offering unique, highly desirable aspects that will be of particular service to the community. By locating its satellite office right in the community, SmithLife Homecare will be able to expedite services to residents, including home visits by staff to assist with identifying care needs and in-person review of contracts. This is a far cry from competitors who expect their clients to be comfortable with electronic communications for many elements of the relationship. Our staff will be able to meet prospective clients in their homes or at the office according to their comfort.
In addition, SmithLife Homecare has launched a flex-care service called Independence PLUS that will be far better suited to older adults whose needs might be important, but do not require the four-hour consecutive care that most homecare services offer. Instead, SmithLife Homecare home care professionals are available in increments of a minimum of two hours at a time and can be scheduled multiple times daily. This allows them to be at the home for important parts of the day like getting up for the day, when medications, bathing, and light housekeeping may all be needed. Similarly, another shift can occur for two hours in the evening at an ideal time to help with bedtime routines.

SmithLife Homecare has always matched the needs of its clients to its professionals. Where one client might need more assistance with getting to medical appointments and shopping, another might need full assistance with daily hygiene. SmithLife Homecare’s team can expertly work with clients to identify the scope and specifics of the help that will allow them to continue to live at home with meaningful independence.

The new office and service flexibility being offered by SmithLife Homecare was recently covered in the Beacon. We were so excited to be featured in a publication that reaches the residents who will benefit from SmithLife Homecare. If you want to learn more about the Friendship Heights office or about SmithLife Homecare services, contact us today.


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