Gratitude, Care & Appreciation for National Family Caregivers’ Month

The Month of November has been designated National Family Caregivers’ Month. This month, and every day, we thank all of the caregivers who are helping their cherished family members.

Celebrated each November, this month is a special time to recognize those individuals who give tirelessly to help family and friends with physical, emotional and social needs. It is also a time to learn how to help caregivers as they help others.

According to AARP, there are 40 million caregivers across the United States who support aging parents, ailing spouses, or other loved ones with disabilities. There is no doubt that caregiving can be a full-time job, and often, these individuals end up juggling jobs, family and caregiving responsibilities, leaving little time for themselves. Recognizing these challenges helps caregivers understand the importance of their own self-care, including health and emotional needs, as well as their important role in the family.

Last week on National Caregivers Day we had fun sharing a message of gratitude and celebrating with our wonderful team of caregivers dedicated to supporting the aging community throughout Maryland and DC. Many of our caregivers work closely with the families and help with a few hours a week to around the clock care, when needed.

We can all help family caregivers by recognizing their dedication and selflessness to others. Reach out to caregivers you know and thank them for their efforts — and remind them that someone’s life is brighter and happier because of them. Through awareness, education and community programs, caregivers, and those who support them, can access community services, enhancing the wellbeing for those who are cared for, and those who are providing the care.

Respite care can provide such support. It is assistance that comes from a source outside of the family, allowing caregivers’ time off.  As a family caregiver, you may be entitled to a Respite Care Grant through Montgomery County, Maryland. Smithlife Homecare is an approved, accredited home care company with the Montgomery County ARC Senior Respite Program. Qualified individuals may receive up to 40 hours per month from an approved home care agency. Call Kathleen McGuinness or Brittany Bunch for more information at 301-816-5020, or email


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