Starting to Work with Home Healthcare

Every relationship has to start somewhere, and some of our clients held off on taking that step because they were worried about the process. With years of experience and thousands of happy clients, we have developed a smooth beginning that sets the stage for a successful relationship going forward. Here is what you can expect.

Questions Answered: Yours and Ours

Every person is unique, with their needs, their resources, their expectations, and their concerns. We have built up expertise in providing services to meet the needs of our clients, but we always seek to get to know the special circumstances of each of them. We begin each relationship with a detailed intake conversation with potential clients that is a genuine back and forth, where both sides get clarity about the specific situation that might need home care. We want to know the particular issues that matter most to our clients, and we welcome questions because we find we learn so much about our clients in the conversation that comes from these questions.

A 360° Review

When a person reaches a place in their lives where homecare is a good idea, they usually make this realization based on a specific issue. For example, a person who has recently had hip surgery might recognize the need for help with changing bandages. In our experience, one need often hides others that might be as important for the individual’s health, safety, and comfort. The person recovering from hip surgery may need help with dressing, bathing, housekeeping, driving for groceries or medical appointments, or additional services that can be provided as part of homecare. We begin our relationships by conducting a thorough assessment, utilizing our experience to help identify issues that can be a source of discomfort or risk if left unattended.

Getting Started

The best way to get in contact with us to set up services is either to give us a call at 301-816-5020 or submit information on our website, and a member of our team will assist you. Our team is specialized in doing intake assessments, which generally only take 10-20 minutes and will capture all the details of what your family may need. Following this conversation, documentation or further information will be sent if needed, such as Long-Term Care Insurance. It’s as easy as 1,2,3 – 1. Do an intake, 2. Receive the agreement and send form of payment, 3. Start service! After signing up, you will receive a free assessment with our Registered Nurse!

Taking it Slow

Trust can take time to build, and we recognize that we are entering into our clients’ private homes and helping them with intimate aspects of their lives. We respect that this can work better by starting with some entry services so that we can establish comfort and security in our excellent staff. Each client is assigned a care coordinator who is available to discuss the scope of services provided by our caregivers. As time goes by, we are always open to adjusting to accommodate changing comfort levels and needs. We don’t do this at random, and we often map our options and possibilities with our clients so that they can feel comfortable with changes when the time is right for them.

Whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one who needs homecare, the first steps involve open conversation, clear assessments, and a commitment to building the relationship. At SmithLife Homecare, we understand the importance of getting off to a good start. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help.


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