How to take care of happiness, health, and honor the elderly

If you look at the big picture of life, you will realize that it is not always based on quantity, it is actually about quality. Let me explain… Senior citizens still feel like a drop in the quality of their lives well before they face the end of their day. The famous quote “it’s not about how long you live, but it is about how happy you have lived” fits perfectly to the elderly members of your community. Just fulfilling the medical needs of the senior citizens isn’t enough as they need much more than just medicine. If you are looking forward to making the lives of the elderly members of your community better, then you will need to look at the 3H’s; Happiness, Health, and Honor.

If you can take care of these three things, then you will be able to bring the lost joy and bliss in the life of senior citizens. In this blog post, we have designed the 3H concept and described what you need to do in every part of the 3H to bring back the joy in the life of senior citizens.


Happiness is an essential aspect of our life, and it is the most valuable asset that you can own till the last breath of your life. Keeping senior citizens happy isn’t rocket science, and here are some of the ways you can keep your elderly members happy.

Keep them connected

One of the biggest reasons for sorrow and depression in senior citizens is the feeling of being isolated and alone. Well, nobody loves to stay alone, and this is why if you want to keep senior citizens happy, then you will need to keep them connected with you and other family members. By simply arranging family meetings, outings for senior citizens, or just going on a family picnic, you can keep them connected.

Eat together

You should never let the senior citizen eat alone in his room while you sit with your whole family members on the dining table. Eating together is one of the oldest and best ways for families to stay connected and build a strong bond. You should always eat together with your elderly members. This will give them a feeling of being together, and they will be able to stay happy.

Don’t let them take any type of stress

Your old aged dad or mother has already gone through lots of stress and tough phases in their life, and now it is their time to relax and enjoy life to the fullest without worrying about anything. This is why you should never let the elderly members of your house take any type of stress.


Even after proper care, exercise, and a healthy diet, our body starts degrading after a certain age, and this is why elderly members of your house require special attention. Let’s look at some simple tips to keep the old aged people healthy.

Encourage physical activity

You should always encourage old aged people for physical activity. Well, it’s true that their body won’t allow tough exercises, but simple exercises like brisk walking or even clapping hands on the beat of the music can help in smoothing the blood flow, encourage heart health, and relieve anxiety and depression.

Let them eat healthily

The digestive system slows down with age, and after 60, people are not able to digest food properly, and this is why most of the senior citizens have digestive problems. Well, if you want to keep old aged people healthy, then you should always encourage them to eat healthily. From green vegetables to fresh fruit juice, you should always keep your fridge filled with healthy foods.

Never forget mental health

In the rush of maintaining the physical fitness of elderly members, you should never forget about their mental health. Simple crossword puzzle, regular book reading, and regular writing are some of the most common ways of maintaining the mental health of senior citizens. With age, even the mental power of the body starts degrading, and in order to keep it healthy, it needs to function regularly.


Respecting the elders is one of those courtesies that should be ingrained in everyone. Elders want to be treated respectfully and honorably, and this is why we have included this section in our list. If you are able to honor the elders, then you will be able to make their life better. Let’s explore some of the best ways to honor and respect the elders.

Take advice from them

Elders are surely the wisest people in society, and this is why you should always take advice from them. By taking advice from elders, you will be able to honor their experience, dignity, and knowledge. Seniors always have a lot to contribute, and you should never ignore it if you want to honor the elders. In Montgomery home care, elders are honored and respected in the best possible way.

Discuss family heritage, history, and tradition

There is an undeniable strength in the family stories, and by discussing the family heritage, history, and tradition with all the family members, you will be able to honor senior citizens in the right way. Family history translates into stronger family bonds, and that’s why they are so important.

Be polite

Staying polite might be the simplest thing you can do in order to maintain the honor of the elders in your community. This is why the staff members of Smithlife Homecare in Montgomery County Maryland are always very polite to all our senior citizens.

The 3H is the simplest and easiest way to bring back the lost joy in the life of elders. After a certain age, everyone needs support from their family members, and you should never leave the elders alone and isolated at such an important stage of their life.