Happy National Nurses Week

The week of May 6-12, 2020 is dedicated to celebrating the tireless heroes of healthcare: nurses. After grueling years of training, nurses go straight to the front lines of medicine, providing essential services along with empathy, care and compassion to their patients. As we recognize the nurses who have played a critical role in our health and safety, here are a few ways to appreciate them.

Respect. In January 2020, Gallup stated, “Americans rate the honesty and ethics of nurses highest among a list of professions that Gallup asks U.S. adults to assess annually.” Show the nurses in your life that you are one of these Americans by being respectful. Simple gestures like knowing your nurse’s name goes a long way towards making your nurse feel respected.

Thank You. It can be as easy as saying the words, but for Nurse’s Appreciation Week, consider going a little further to say thanks to your nurse. A handwritten note or a small gift will brighten up your nurse’s day. Nurses are there for you at your worst, helping manage difficulty with dignity and comfort. Everyone likes to be acknowledged for what they do, and nurses certainly deserve our gratitude.

Listen. To become a nurse, a person has to feel the calling and then go through years of training and education. That experience guides them in their care and advice. When your nurse gives you guidance, remember that they know what they are talking about, and a lot of preparation and thought went into their words. If you are confused, ask. No question is too simple, and it is rewarding for your nurse to know that they are helping and educating their patient. Remember, your nurse can be your advocate in your care as well, so listening and engaging with your nurse in your treatment will help make sure your medical team is getting it right.

Follow. After you have listened to your nurse’s instruction or advice, follow it. Your health and wellness are at stake, and your nurse cares enough to want the best possible outcome. It may seem like some of the instructions are silly or unnecessary, but your nurse is the professional, and there may be an important purpose to what they are saying. Your nurse wants to see you thrive by doing your best act on their advice.

Acknowledge. We all want to know that we are doing a good job, and nurses are no different. Show your appreciation and offer to share your positive feedback with others in the form of a testimonial or review. Whether it’s an online review, shout out on social media or a letter to a supervisor, passing along kind words is a great way to give back.

According to Leyla Henderson, Director of Nursing with SmithLife Homecare, “Nurses are dedicated and compassionate about helping others and are passionate about our work, it means a lot when we are recognized for our efforts.” National Nurse’s Appreciation Day is celebrated during National Nurse Week and is an opportunity to let the nurses in your life know that they are important, valued and recognized for the care they provide. Take advantage of the week to show your favorite nurse how much their work means to you.

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